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Our Mission Statement:
Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.

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Why Should I subscribe?

A Canopy of Neighbors membership gives you one-call access to all the services and support you need to help you stay in your home as you grow older. 

  • single person household: $400 per year
  • two person household: $600 per year
  • social membership, at the above rates, allows for attendance at events only, no services, but your membership becomes tax deductible!
  • snowbird membership is available for those who fly south for the winter

A Canopy of Neighbors subscription gives you access to volunteers who would love to assist you with access to continuing education, daily living/home services, grocery shopping, health assistance services, organized physical and social activities, personal and financial services, technology assistance, transportation,  or simply provide a friendly visit from time to time.

  • volunteers have successfully completed background checks
  • volunteer drivers have successfully completed DMV background checks

Canopy of Neighbors has agreements with a wide range of vetted reliable, professional service providers and vendors, some of whom have agreed to extend a discount to Canopy subscribers (see benefits page).  

  • local and regional vendors have successfully completed background checks

Feel confident that Canopy of Neighbors volunteers and staff will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve in any and all interactions. One phone call to Canopy and you can rest assured that we will find whatever you are looking for--and fast!  

  • Not ready to subscribe but think you'd like to become a volunteer? Go to our volunteer link and sign up on line! We're looking forward to meeting you!
  • Call us with questions!