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Our Mission Statement:
Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.

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Canopy of Neighbors is a community of seniors (62+) organized to provide mutual support to each other as we maintain our active lifestyle.  We reside in independent housing in the Elmwood/Delaware section of Buffalo.  Social support is primary for us—regular Canopy activities and outings keep us in touch with each other and with the vibrant urban life of our city; volunteer drivers are available to take us to appointments, medical and social.  Practical support includes help with simple household repairs, yard work, technology. 


Canopy of Neighbors has an office (805 Delaware Ave) and part-time employees, who work closely with member/volunteers to organize and supervise our schedule of activities.   Membership dues, personal donations, grants and corporate sponsorships provide our financial stability. 


At its core, Canopy is a set of relationships, a network of personal connections that sustains our confidence and energy as we encounter the challenges of aging.  The more diverse our backgrounds, the more we have to explore together.    Each and every social activity and helping service is an opportunity to strengthen and extend the social fabric of our group.

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